Coping with seasonal and pandemic depression


CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – If you feel sadder in the fall months you aren’t alone. According to the mayo clinic about 10 million people suffer from seasonal affective disorder. How can we cope with S-A-D while in a global pandemic? A psychiatrist with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center helps us find ways to make it through these tough times.

During these fall and winter months we see less sunlight in most cases this also affects our mood.

Dr. Chen says two ways we can cope with the loss of sunlight is getting a light therapy box or taking a vitamin d supplement after talking with your doctor. This all helps boost our energy.

“You know its no replacement of caffeine,” Dr. Chen stated ”but it can certainly induce the creation of a little bit more dopamine. In terms of allowing that dopamine feeling your body and feeling more motivated and energetic for a good few hours.”

Another way we can stay in good spirits is through zoom or phone calls keeping in touch with those we love, even getting a pet can boost your love hormone helping you feel better.

“I believe that especially during the winter we need to continue that longing sense of connection we have for each other.” Dr. Chen said.

Dr. Chen told Wyoming News Now this pandemic is a time limited event and for those who can’t see the light at the end of this tunnel, doing things that make you happy or learning a new skill can pass the time.

” Whatever it is you like to do you should continue to do it during these very arduous times.. For me its playing the piano and if i dont get a chance i feel different. During the pandemic there are skills we can pick up and learn.”

Dr. Chen says you have to see what positives are coming from any situation. He says our mental health is just as important as our psychical health and if you feel more anxious than usual you can email him at or call anyone at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and they will help you.

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