Harry Enfield Presents Kevin’s Video Guide To Being A Teenager [VHS] [1999]

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Kevin the Teenager (Harry Enfield) presents this guide to those years of acne, angst and, of course, hating your parents, ably assisted by his best mate, Perry (Kathy Burke). All the basic topics are covered, including how to impress your sexy new teacher, and what you can do with your mum’s vacuum cleaner.

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As the clock strikes midnight and Kevin turns 13 his parents realise to their lasting horror, “he’s losing the power of rational thought; and the use of his arms; he’s become a teenager!”. Kevin and best pal Perry are two of the most enduring characters from Harry Enfield’s Television Programme, because they embody such familiar stereotypes. Everyone knows a teenager exactly like them, hormones out of control and desperate to break free from hated parental solicitude. Kevin is constantly at war with his parents (“That is so unfair, I hate you!”), and as far as he can see, the whole world is against him. He tries as hard as can to be hip with his friends, pretends to be grown-up and mature, and is constantly dying for a shag–but is of course mortally afraid of the opposite sex. Square parents are “sick-makingly pathetic” and pretty much everything is “unbelievably embarrassing” in Kevin’s world.

On this tape, the brief Kevin and Perry sketches from the TV show are organised under handy guidelines, such as coping with your friend’s parents and tidying your room (“I like it like this, I can find everything when I need it; just because I don’t share your stupid bloody middle-class values of tidiness”). Harry Enfield’s Kevin is brilliantly supported by Kathy Burke’s wonderfully vacant Perry (“alright our Kev, sorted, mad for it”, he opines in a newly acquired Lancastrian accent upon returning from a trip to super-trendy Manchester). The parent–offspring exchanges have an uncanny ring of truth about them, as do the schizophrenic switches from teen-speak to parental address. This is comedy for everyone who either is or was a teenager. “Kick all the old people out of the sitting room and enjoy”. —Mark Walker

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“What do you do, right, when your parents are just sick-makingly pathetic, unbelievably embarrassing and basically so bloody stupid? I’ll tell you what you do, you but this bloody brilliant video starring me and my mate Perry.

It’s got all you need to know: from the most basic stuff (like hating your parents above all others), right through to more sophisticated things like impressing your sex bomb teacher (and if that doesn’t work….what you can do with your mum’s vacuum cleaner).

So, get some money off your dad and but it now”

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